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Icone Pointe noire


Ponton la belle
Pointe-Noire is a port city and oil industry hub in the Republic of the Congo. It’s also known for its beaches. The city's train station is the terminus of the French colonial Congo-Ocean Railway. Nearby, dense rainforest surrounds the striking red cliffs of the Diosso Gorge. North of the city, Conkouati-Douli National Park features abundant wildlife and diverse terrain like lagoons, mangroves and savanna.

Pointe-Noire features a tropical savanna climate under the Köppen climate classification. The city features a wet season that spans from October through April, while the remaining 6 months form the dry season. Pointe-Noire receives roughly 1,000 millimetres (39 in) of precipitation annually. Temperatures are somewhat cooler during the dry season with average temperatures roughly at 24 degrees Celsius. During the wet season, average temperatures hover around 28 degrees Celsius.

The name Pointe-Noire (Black Point) originated with Portuguese navigators who saw a block of black rocks on the headland in 1484. From then on, Pointe-Noire, called Ponta Negra, became a maritime point of reference, and then a small fishing village starting in 1883, after the French signed a treaty with local people, the Loangos.



Economy The city is the essential centre of the oil industry of Congo
Distance: 7Km Difficulty: Easy
Transport A taxi-bus network that runs throughout the entire city. Fishing Pointe-Noire is also known for its fishing industry, which is often at odds with the oil development. Potasse Formerly, Pointe-Noire was home to a potash exploitation which led to the construction of a wharf, currently closed to the public Oil Congolese oil has been largely exploited by the French company Elf Aquitaine since its discovery around 1980


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